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Potter County
Stargazing Tours

Experience the dark skies with a local expert
Adult Tickets: $40  |  Children Tickets  $20

Stargazing Tours 

Potter County Stargazing Tours operates on private property a short distance from Cherry Springs State Park, Pennsylvania's only Dark Sky Park.  We're located in the heart of the Pennsylvania Wilds Region, an area internationally known to have some of the darkest skies east of the Mississippi. Our tours offer the ultimate stargazing experience with an unobstructed 360 degree view of the night sky without any artificial light pollution.  When you look up for the first time, you'll think you can reach up and touch the Milky Way. You'll be astonished by the amount of visible stars you'll see during our 2 hour tour. This memorable stargazing experience will be something you, your family, and friends will alway remember.



“One of the must do things in your lifetime, and I recommend you only do it with Greg. He is just so wonderful - so knowledgeable and insightful.”

“Amazing experience. Saw lots of constellations, galaxies, and planets. Greg is amazing. He explains it very well”

Greg was incredible and such a great story teller. I drove three friends out here from NYC for stargazing, and it was everything I could hope for. 

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“Somewhere, Something incredible is waiting to be known.”

- Carl Sagan


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Potter County Stargazing Tours | Coudersport Pa

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